Triumph GT6 MKIII Dash

Triumph GT6 MKIII Dash

Friday, 6 February 2015

The Gray Ratsnake Project

While it had a name before, things have become a bit more official. I have tidied up the main page as you can see in the following image. More importantly however, with a complete skeleton on the site completed I then felt confident enough to submit my plans to the required sources in order to get confirmation on whether or not it would be okay for me to complete this project. As it stands, they are very intrigued with what I have and where I intend to go with it. The concept of an online exhibit seems promising in their eyes as well as mine, especially in terms of serving a purpose and minimal amounts of upkeep required once it has been published.

At this point in time the site stands to be a third party server, so basically I am outside of the two key organisations that I will be referring to most on the site (Ontario Parks, and the Friends of Murphys Point). It will remain a third party server until it has been completed. Once completed I will propose the site to the entire board of directors for the Friends of Murphys Point Park to see if they would essentially like to "Brand it" and take over, or the site will simply be a temporary exhibit that will be scavenged for parts once it is complete and then taken down. Either way the results are positive as not only do I get to continue with creating this site, but also because I have been graciously given access to all of the data, maps and so forth that the park has in relations to the site. Of course as mentioned before, not all of the collection of Data and maps will be published as some of it is sensitive, but some of it will most definitely be used.

The overall goal of this site is to act as an online exhibit for the Gray Ratsnake, focusing on the population within the boundaries of Murphys Point. The site will be appealing towards and audience over the age of thirteen or so, that being said it will obviously be open to everyone. The site will cover all sorts of aspects on the snake and the park, ranging from snake behaviour, identification, habitat, history of the snake in the park during certain time periods, current interpretation of and human interaction with the snake, as well as research and studies.

The ideal goal of the site, as I have briefly discussed with the Park Biologist/Senior Natural Heritage Education Leader at Murphys Point is to promote the snake species, the park and the Friends of Murphys Point Park, along with, an most importantly, provide a resource for elementary and high school students to learn more about the species in potentially more of an interesting way than flipping through a field guide. The site will also host basically a bibliography/additional source page which will enable people who use the site to gain a larger scope of information if they so wish,

That's it for now.


  1. Looking good, Brock. Make sure to keep the humanities angle in focus.

  2. Looking good, Brock. Make sure to keep the humanities angle in focus.