Triumph GT6 MKIII Dash

Triumph GT6 MKIII Dash

Monday, 30 March 2015

Images of the Past Brought Back to Life

As technology advances there are several pros and cons that become quite apparent in the world of digital imaging. The most apparent pro is the fact that the more and more advance wwe get, the better the quality of the image will be and the more we can do to alter and process that image. The downside is the fact that as we advance in leaps and bounds the "stuff" of the past can get left behind.

For example some formats aren't compatible with newer programs, something that happens frequently with all sorts of files be they images, music, video, text, and so on. But what about the files that come from before the digital age? The endless number of photographs, be they ones that were taken by families at picnics or soldiers on leave, they all have a place in our history. When these images are found they cannot simply be uploaded into a program and then sent out for whatever they will be used for. Instead they have to be developed, a process that is far from simple. From there, assuming the images are even visible to start off with, they have to be scanned, uploaded and worked with to make them appear within range of their original quality.

Recently National Geographic put out a short 10 minute video on the Rescued Film Project, where Levi Bettwieser, a photographer, processes and brings back to live 31 roles of WW2 era photographs. Its an interesting watch and helps to get a better understanding on the process of turning old roles of film into modern digital images.

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