Triumph GT6 MKIII Dash

Triumph GT6 MKIII Dash

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Theatre in Canada - Sarah's project

If you are an aficionado of theatre, be it big or small then go no further. Sarah Duncan's capstone project provides you with a great look at Canadian theatre.

Sarah's site looks at some 350 theatres in Canada, the most impressive part of it, is the map that features all of the theatre locations. Along with the location of all of the theatre sites she has intentions of adding the website link, so that people can get further info, be it in terms of future performances, phone numbers and so forth. This has all been done through the use of a program called ZMaps of which uses a large spreadsheet which Sarah has created by referencing the Canadian Theatre Encyclopaedia. The map created using this information is now being displayed on the site which she has created using the website creator, Wix. She has also used a timeline which allows people to see the years theatres have been established in, also providing a brief history of the location, including whether or not the theatre is still in operation. At the moment the timeline feature is only available for the province of Nova Scotia, however Sarah did mention it may be possible for additional time lines to be added which would be an interesting feature,

Overall Sarah's site is aesthetically pleasing, using colours that contrast nicely making text easy to read and having an overall soft and warm look to the site. There are a number of images and explanations of all of the features. The site looks incredibly easy to navigate and incredibly user friendly. While there are some things I think would serve as beneficial additions to the site, those things are ones that were addressed during the presentation as "soon to come." In particular additional links to theatre sites, and historical backgrounds/the Canadian Theatre Encyclopaedia will be quite beneficial to your standard user. She also made mention of further available readings that could be posted, contact information for people to ask questions, as well as to add additional theatre locations, and even a chance of having a blog added to the site.

All in all I find this site very interesting and informative, I think the map feature on its own is spectacular, and all of the other content is an added bonus! Needless to say, I look forward to seeing the finished product.

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